Airbus VR Experience

Real-time Interactive

Airbus wanted a mind blowing VR experience to set themselves apart at the biggest tradeshow in the world. We created a slick immersive experience that demonstrated the functionality of their products in a number of virtual environments.

The brief was simple enough. We were given a list of items that Airbus wanted to showcase at a tradeshow using VR. We drew up three narratives that allowed us to demonstrate these products - ranging from 'popup' communication tents to transport planes - being used in the field in a real life situation.

The challenge comes from the fact that VR is such a radically different user experience compared to screens. On a screen you can casually move the user from first to third person viewpoints, change the direction of the players gaze, switch cameras to show a completely different scene and then switch back again, and generally treat the screen as if it were a camera in a movie, which is where these techniques originally descend from.

These methods used in VR make you feel nauseous quickly, it needs to be approached in a completely different manner. The camera analogy no longer applies, the new analogy is that you are directly manipulating someone's head against their own control. Once you've adopted that way of thinking it becomes obvious that you should do that as little as possible or never.

I was responsible for the Mars scene, the DCIS Tent, the A400M interior and some of the vehicles.

Client: Airbus Group

Copyright owner: Inside Infinity, Airbus Group.

Team: Daniel Learmonth, Tiago Castelo (Developer) , Ben Wilkinson (3D Artist), Gareth Knight (3D Artist), Elliott Butler (3D Artist), Graeme Watson (Studio Manager).

Tools: Oculus DK2, 3DSMax, Unity, Substance Designer, World Machine.

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